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The West coast

The West with its steep coast and the infinitely wide view of the sea is unique. Here you can connect wonderfully fantastic nature and stunning attractions to each other. In Deiá, for example, you can stroll through narrow streets with typical stone houses and the scent of roses and lemons, a backdrop of mountains in the back and the sea directly in front of the nose. It's no wonder that here Berühmheiten such as Robert Graves, Sir Peter Ustinov, Pablo Picasso, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mati, left the clear wine, Kevin Ayers and Pierce Brosnan, or a time lingered. The house with its beautiful garden by Robert Graves, La Casa de Robert Graves you can visit. Today, the former artists ' village is a focal point for Creative and well-Heeled from all over the world. Chic boutiques, jewelry studios, art galleries, artist studios, gourmet restaurants, and fine Hotels in and around Deià low. During the day, the mountain village of day - trippers is occupied. In the evening, the Locals and the choice of locals in the village local back in the majority. The works of the in Deià artists living in the Local shops and restaurants on the walls or in the fashion - and art boutique gallery “Deià”, the market for products of local creativity. Literary about Deià, Mallorca, in the alternative Arxiduc Lluís Salvador “load”. Typical attractions in Valldemossa searching here but to no avail – the place of the work of art. Most of the visitors don't stay long, browse a bit in the shops, take a Drink for refreshment and to further discoveries. The Casa de Robert Graves, after the village in the direction of Sóller, for example. Here, the well-known English novelist, was fond of illustrious personalities such as Hollywood star Ava Gardner, Peter Ustinov, or Alec Guinness to guest. To travel further to Sóller, you can turn just a few meters to Deià and Cala Deià, take a refreshing dip. And if it's not already too late, in the quaint fish-local Ca's Patro March, fresh fish and the view over the Bay. Alternatively, you can plan your journey with the artist village as a crowning finale, and in one of the gourmet restaurants reserve a table. Who comes too late, the punishing here, exceptionally, is not life, but the can try his luck on the way to Sóller on the West coast in the Béns d'avall and in the light of the evening sun culinary delights entdecken.

Die East coast

classified On the East coast of a Bay to the other, one more beautiful than the other. But also the places are influenced by the water. In Portocolom, the original character of the village is preserved. Many of the Locals still live from fishing, and so you can enjoy the freshness of the goods, even in the Restaurants. In the Hostal Portocolom for example, cozy colonial-style furnishings. Or in the Sa Llotja on the first floor of the port building. The coast South of Porto Colom is blessed with idyllic bays. The Cala Sa Nou, the beach bar provides, for example, where during the day for good food and in the evening for cool Drinks and hot rhythms. Right next to the Cala Mitjana is significantly quieter. Significantly larger Cala Mondrago beaches in the nature reserve with two dream. The ten minutes walk from the car Park through the pine forest to the Bay are a delight and the turquoise blue water of the Krönung.

In the idyllic Cala Figuera (photo) add white houses on the fjord-like Bay, and the fresh Green of the Fig trees, bathing the port in a picturesque setting. So pitoresk is the place of mass tourism are well known here as well. The Locals live their normal life, go to the fish or patches to the Mole in the two narrow bays on their networks. From the nearby port of pubs, you can enjoy the Goings-on here are wonderful. Only a few steps along the Bay to the sea bathers and sun - worshipers crowding on a small rocky plateau. If you prefer a sandy beach the nearest sandy beaches are only a short walk away: to the North, to Cala Mondrago, South to the Cala you Santany.


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