What readers say about Mallorca’s beautiful pages:

“The book is in my opinion a MUST HAVE for all Mallorca fans. It reflects exactly the wonderful impressions, I could make myself locally on this beautiful island. The spectacular photos will certainly awaken the wanderlust to Mallorca for every reader.”
Martin H., July, 2018

“A big compliment for this courageous and great work, to which I will perhaps express myself later in more detail. I also like the magazine very well and even if you have visited the island very often, it harbors a lot of new inspirations.”
Ralf K., July, 2018

“Dear Mr. Loiperdinger,
yesterday we went by train exceptionally and saw your magazine in Munster at the station and bought it immediately. We have an apartment in Portals and love the island. Your magazine is the best thing we have been able to read and see about Mallorca for years! That’s why we want the book now. We congratulate you on this masterpiece and it has really become Mallorca’s most beautiful sites. We hope, many more follow … “
Andrea from B., July, 2018

“I’m in Scotland right now (where – by Scottish standards – there’s a dream weather right now) and so on. Fantastic photos and yet so some corners of the island that I do not know yet. My Hoteltip (with a magical mini bay for swimming): Hotel Cala Fornells. A bit oldscool, a bit plush, but incredibly nice and very quiet. I’ll be back in the fall and will certainly follow some suggestions from the magazine. I report!”
Esther W., July, 2018

“Dear Mr. Loiperdinger,
thank you for your magazine. I’m not a big shopping or restaurant goer on vacation. Nevertheless I looked through this (extensive) part with interest. I really liked the pictures and short texts as well as the tabular info blocks. The fantastic photos are worthy of a large-format illustrated book – which you also published. A nice pictorial supplement to the read travel guides. Your magazine increases the anticipation of the obviously very beautiful and varied Mallorca.”
Ingo M., June, 2018

“Dear Mr. Loiperdinger,
We really like the magazine! Specifically: Great color photos, beautiful reports that read pleasant and entertaining and still very concrete (with lists!) Provide information. Conclusion: A great book, the best we have ever recorded in our book inventory on the island! A real piece of “pre-holiday joy”! We will be very happy to get back to you if we notice anything that might be considered in your magazine!”
Mario M., May, 2018

“Although I’m already a frequent visitor to Mallorca, her magazine has once again encouraged me to visit new / old places, which have already fallen into oblivion. The professional pictures in top quality make even more “appetite” in Mallorca and give a great overview of this multi-layered island, which has everything to offer. I do not need another travel guide anymore.”
Bianca S., May, 2018

“Mallorca’s beautiful pages, a picture book of high quality! Perfect photos that make your heart beat faster! Great information about all regions with the corresponding maps! Just recommended!”
Claus L., April, 2018

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